How to Access Router Settings Page at or Here what you need to know first. To be able to access config page you need either to connect via Wi-Fi or via the Ethernet cable to LAN port.

With the IP address in hand, you can set up your router: Open your Web browser and type your router’s IP address into the address bar. So, for most SMC routers, you type in your browser’s address bar to access the router’s Web page. Jul 20, 2020 · When this feature is enabled, your router can be set up to allow only devices that have specified MAC (media access control) addresses to join the network. You shouldn't rely on this feature to prevent unauthorized access to your network, for these reasons: It doesn't prevent network observers from monitoring or intercepting traffic on the network. As TrekDozer mentioned, the settings you are looking for are found in the router's configuration page. This page can be reached by entering the IP address of your router into an internet browser (such as Internet Explorer). However, the IP address for the router varies by model and manufacturer. How to access advanced settings Enter into the address bar of your browser, the settings page will then load Note: If you have enabled Modem Mode on the Hub 3 you will need to use instead.

A router is a network device that serves two primary functions: (1) it connects multiple computers, phones, tablets, or other devices to form a managed local area network, and (2) it provides Internet access to all of the compatible devices that are connected to the router.

Oct 11, 2019

Most home networks should only have one device functioning as a router. Either disable the router inside modem by putting it into modem-only or bridge mode, or convert the second router into an Access Point (AP). Many routers have an AP mode setting for convenience.

How To Setup a TP-Link Router as a Wireless Access Point Apr 05, 2019 Limit Your Kids Internet Access Using Router Settings Router Access Restrictions. When your wireless router was setup, the default setting allows unlimited Internet access to all devices. With a quick visit to the setup page of your router, you can establish restrictions for some or all devices. Beginner Geek: How to Configure Your Router Jan 16, 2014