Thousands have Died in Crashes Involving Cell Phone Use. Many distractions exist while driving, but cell phones are a top distraction because so many drivers use them for long periods of time each day. Almost everyone has seen a driver distracted by a cell phone, but when you are the one distracted, you often don't realize that driver is you.

Dec 08, 2016 · However, you might still want to keep the phone on airplane mode (or off) during your flight, because a new revelation from the Snowden leaks claims that the NSA can listen in if you use your cell It turns out the NSA is helping the military carry out lethal drone strikes using electronic surveillance, namely from unreliable cell phone data. Report: NSA Relies on Unreliable Phone Data for For the NSA to target cell phone networks particularly rather than phone networks in general means that it is interested in information specific to the cell phone network: location is the most obvious. We already know that the NSA can eavesdrop on most of the world's cell phone networks, and that it tracks location data. The NSA maintains a list of around 1,200 email addresses associated with employees at mobile phone operators around the world. Using its signals intelligence methods — almost certainly including passive collection — the NSA makes its own surreptitious copy of some of the information sent to and from these addresses. Dec 08, 2016 · Report: NSA Can Monitor Cell Phones in Flight. Leaked documents show the agency was tapping phone conversations on GSM-equipped flights in 2010. Jul 22, 2013 · The NSA says that a vast database that it maintains on phone calls made by millions of Americans does not include location data. But the revelation that the agency has developed a technique that

These fake towers, known as "interceptors," were discovered in July by users of the CryptoPhone500, one of the ultra-secure cell phones released after Edward Snowden's leaks about NSA snooping

How the NSA is tracking people right now. Documents received by The Washington Post indicate the National Security Agency is collecting billions of records a day to track the location of mobile The NSA Could Listen to Almost Any Phone Call in the U.S. Jul 12, 2017 Is The NSA Spying On Our Cell Phones? Check Out This

How To Stop Someone From Spying On Your Cell Phone

NSA Tracking Cell Phone Locations Worldwide, Snowden Docs