Overplay is one of the more innovative VPN providers in the market today. Overplay provides two different services to serve two different purposes,they are: SmartDNS. SmartDNS from OverPlay provides unlimited access to a true, unrestricted Internet,Bypass censorship while experiencing nothing but fast connection speeds without throttling or

If you try to access a region-locked site on a PC while SmartDNS is disabled, you'll be redirected to overplay.net and asked to login to re-enable SmartDNS (on set-top boxes, it will simply fail to play). You simply need to activate SmartDNS from your OverPlay account from the SmartDNS page. OverPlay Review 2020 - Cloudwards OverPlay consists of two products: a smart DNS service and a virtual private network. OverPlay SmartDNS is not encrypted and does not offer anonymous browsing. Overplay VPN | Price, features, deals and discount Jun 13, 2019 OverPlay Smart DNS & VPN Review – VPN's OverPlay is an online privacy service headquartered in the United Kingdom. They offer both VPN and SmartDNS accounts. They were the first major VPN company to offer SmartDNS and continue to lead in that area. SmartDNS differs from VPN in that it doesn’t include encryption.

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Whether want to watch Netflix from Europe or play your PlayStation 3 games online over a Japanese IP, OverPlay wants to give you all the freedom and choice you want. If streaming at the highest speed possible is what you're after, OverPlay's SmartDNS bundled with its VPN services are what you'll want to use.

Go to overplay.net and login. Head to the SmartDNS section of 'My Account'. Here you will see JetSwitch - to use, just turn on and select the regions of your choice. Was …

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