How to Allow a Program Through the Windows Firewall

Go to System and Security, and then to Windows Firewall. Go to Advanced settings from the left hand side. On the left-hand side of the Windows Firewall with Advanced Security page, click on Inbound Rules. Click on New Rule from the right-hand side; Select the radio button for Port, then click Next. Select the radio button for TCP. Allow Your App through the Firewall With C# - Cool Coders Recently, I’ve faced a situation were I had to allow an app through Windows Firewall with C# (Both the private and public profile of the firewall). At first, the app was added manually after installation, but I automated that process with C#. After a few Google searches, I came quickly accross several solutions. Although some were working Firewall ports needed to allow network communication with If a firewall is active on your computer, it may reject the necessary network connection needed for the network communication with the Brother machine. In order to resolve this issue, it may be necessary to open communication ports on your firewall and allow exceptions. The following UDP Port information may be necessary to allow communication.

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Click your Windows 7 Start Orb, and from the Start Menu Open your Control Panel. Once in the … Configure Windows netsh Firewall for MongoDB — MongoDB …