At first, user B needs to acquire a digital certificate from a CA (certificate authority). In order to receive a certificate user B use the following process: In order to obtain a digital certificate, for the first time, user B sends a request to RA (registration authority). RA is responsible for verifying the requester’s identity; it does

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That depends on what the revocation data on the certificate is configured for. It can change. Some use HTTP/HTTPS (TCP/80 and 443), others can use LDAP (TCP/389 and TCP/636 for secure) for that. what is and how does Certificate Authority work? | Yahoo Mar 13, 2006 How does the certificate trust model work in detail

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How does SSL certificate authority work? - Quora SSL Certificate Authorities (CAs) are entities which issue SSL certificates. CAs are a critical element of the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) which is the backbone of an SSL Certificate. An SSL Certificate issued by a CA gives the private-public Simply put: How does certificate-based authentication work The subject that does not have to be scary, but there are a few misunderstandings. Here's a look at how certificate-based authentications actually works. What Is a Certificate of Authority to Do Business? | Bizfluent Jan 16, 2019 How does HTTPS work? What's a CA? What's a self-signed