Sep 11, 2017

Jun 24, 2020 How to get rid of passcode iOS 8? - Iphone Q&A Restore my Iphone to get rid of IOS 6? I hate IOS 6. I just want my old google map app and my old you tube app back. If I restore/reset my Iphone 4 will I lose the IOS 6 update and get back my old apps? How to get rid of viruses from your iPhone and iPad Jul 08, 2020 How to stop an iPhone from asking to install iOS software This will prevent iOS from downloading updates in future, although you'll still need to deal with the update you've downloaded. How to delete the downloaded update Now it's time to get rid of the

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I need to get rid of IOS 8. NOW? I downloaded IOS 8 on my iPhone 5s literally as soon as it was released. I made a mistake. I HATE iOS 8 with a passion. Siri will randomly activate itself. My texting is all messed up. Autocorrect got worse. And I thought autocorrect couldn't get anymore annoying than it was - download iOS 8 and you'll discover it can be much worse. I need it

Sep 21, 2014

iOS - iPhone, iPad, iPod Forums at Jul 22, 2020 Sep 25, 2014 · How to Get Rid of iOS 8.0.1, Restore iOS 8 Apple has released a workaround that will correct the problem, and promised an iOS 8.0.2 update in a few days. Jul 20, 2020 · Here's what to do: Go to Settings > General, and tap Profiles & Device Management. Tap the iOS Beta Software Profile. Tap Remove Profile, then restart your device. Sep 19, 2019 · Here's how to get a content blocker: Download a content blocking app from the App Store. Tap Settings > Safari > Content Blockers, then set up the extensions that you want. You can use more than one content blocker. If you need help, contact the app developer.