DynDNS (Dynamic Domain Name System) helps to establish a stable connection to your server irrespective of a changing IP address. DynDNS services transmit a changing IP address to a static domain name to enable remote access. We'll show you which DynDNS providers exists and how free services compare to premium DynDNS alternatives.

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How to access the router remotely from anywhere

I have sucessfully configured a 1760 router exactly like this, it allows remote access from PC's that have the Cisco VPN client installed. First thing I did was to configure the router for DSL operation with NAT, once that was tested and working I then configured DDNS using the DynDNS service, its free and reliable, once this was tested and working I then configured the VPN service, it works

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This excerpt explains how to set up remote access to your own computer. If you want to use the Remote Desktop Connection client to access another computer, see the section entitled "Using the Remote Connection" in chapter 40 of Special Edition Using Microsoft Windows Vista. Across a local area network (that is, between computers in your home or office), Remote Desktop Connection works right