Dec 04, 2019 · Make sure that you only have internet connection sharing enabled on the host computer, and only on the adapter that's connected to the internet. All of the other computers on the network should not have internet connection sharing enabled. Open the Network Connections window on the computer that cannot get an internet connection.

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Since you are using the Windows Internet connection sharing (ICS) feature, here is how you can easily fix the internet connection. Instead of assigning a static IP to Pi, set it up to obtain IP address using DHCP. Restart your laptop and Pi.

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Internet Connection Sharing through Ethernet - System Zone With Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) feature, you can turn your laptop into Wi-Fi hotspot or turn your desktop into a router to share your broadband connection with your family members or friends. So, if you wish to turn your computer into an internet router with internet connection sharing feature, keep reading this article where I will is ics_360百科 2017-10-23 · ics,因特网连接共享 Internet Connection Sharing,英文简称ICS中文意思是:因特网连接共享。 义项指多义词的不同概念,如李娜的义项:网球运动员、歌手等;非诚勿扰的义项:冯小刚执导电影、江苏卫视交友节目等。 查看详细规范>> Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) is a Windows service that enables one Internet-connected computer to share its Internet connection with other computers on a local area network (LAN). The computer that shares its Internet connection serves a gateway device, meaning that all traffic between other computers and the Internet go through this computer.