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The Linux command line is a text interface to your computer. Often referred to as the shell, terminal, console, prompt or various other names, it can give the appearance of being complex and confusing to use. Oct 14, 2019 · If you are a Linux system administrator, time will come when you will need to configure networking on your system. Unlike desktop machines where you can use dynamic IP addresses, on a server infrastructure, you will need to setup a static IP address (at least in most cases). Hi, the old style ifconfig, route and netstat commands does not support all network, especially IPv6, features shipped with modern linux distributions. Replacement are ip (ifconfig, route) and ss (netstat). Here are some examples. Show all interface addresses To show an compact view, less verbose output use the -brief or -br switch Or for a better overview use a colored outpu Oct 22, 2019 · The ip command is a powerful tool for configuring network interfaces that any Linux system administrator should know. It can be used to bring interfaces up or down, assign and remove addresses and routes manage ARP cache and much more. The IP command in Linux provides most of your basic networking needs. But as you have already noticed by now, there are multiple ways to do a certain things in Linux. To know the gateway IP, you can use other networking command line tools as well. Let me show them to you. Find gateway in Linux with route command

Jun 10, 2019 · The ip command is used to assign an address to a network interface and/or configure network interface parameters on Linux operating systems. This command replaces old good and now deprecated ifconfig command on modern Linux distributions.

For finding the external ip, you can either use external web-based services, or use system based methods. The easier one is to use the external service, also the ifconfig based solutions will work in your system only if you're not behind a NAT. the two methods has been discussed below in detail.. Finding external IP using external services How to find IP address on linux? - The easiest way to find your IP address on Linux is with ifconfig or ip command or follow this link to check your Local and Public IP address directly using your web browser. The manual process of finding your internal IP address would be as follows.

Mar 12, 2013 · You can add default gateway on the fly as shown below command. # ip route add default via $ sudo ip route add default via Kindly correct me if i missed out. Please refer manual page doing man ip from terminal/command prompt to know more about IP Command.

To change your IP address on Linux, use the “ifconfig” command followed by the name of your network interface and the new IP address to be changed on your computer. To assign the subnet mask, you can either add a “netmask” clause followed by the subnet mask or use the CIDR notation directly.