Trisquel Mini is a smaller and lightweight version of the main distro Trisquel which is based on Ubuntu LTS. This lightweight Linux distro is made for especially lower power old machines and netbooks. Main Features. It uses the minimal LXDE desktop environment and X Window system. Perfect alternatives to traditional GNOME or KDE/Qt applications.

Minimal Linux Live is a tiny Linux distribution which is designed to be built from scratch using a collection of automated shell scripts. Minimal Linux Live offers a core environment with just the Linux kernel, GNU C library and Busybox userland utilities. This default build is just 7MB in size. 10 Best Lightweight Linux Distros For Old Computers [2020 Jun 25, 2020 10 Best Lightweight Linux Distributions for Older Apr 03, 2020

50+ Best Lightweight Linux Distros for 2020 – ThisHosting

50+ Best Lightweight Linux Distros for 2020 – ThisHosting Jan 01, 2020

Ubuntu - The leading operating system for PCs, IoT devices

Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Minimal Install Guide – Linux Hint Ubuntu 18.04 LTS desktop installation image does have a new functionality called Minimal installation. With Minimal installation. you can install only the basic components required for the operating system to function, no extras. In this article, I will show you how to set up a Minimal Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Desktop operating system. Let’s get started. The 8 Most Popular Linux Distros Available Out There for 2020